Environmental Impact and Risk

We develop strategies and mechanisms or processes for new projects, analyzing their environmental impact.

We prepare a feasibility analysis prior to the purchase and sale of real estate to know its environmental and urban potential, as well as its specific parameters or restrictions.

We prepare the Unified Technical Document (DTU) in its modalities A and B, regional and particular, with which the requirements of the Justifying Technical Study and the Environmental Impact Statement are integrated in only one study and management before the Federal authorities.

Elaboration of Manifestations of Environmental Impact, in its particular and regional modalities.

We manage and monitor the obtaining of Environmental Impact authorizations for your project / business.

We implement actions for environmental compliance and we monitor the impact.

We elaborate environmental management and procedure manuals depending on your line of business, business or establishment.

We prepare strategic environmental assessments for development projects.

We prepare Risk Studies and Accident Prevention Programs and monitor the conditions once the study actions have been implemented.

We carry out environmental diagnoses and implement quality systems so that you can obtain environmental quality certificates.

We manage the modification of authorized projects, exemptions or non-authorization requirements regarding environmental impact.

We generate notices of works for environmental emergencies.

We carry out expert reports on environmental impact for legal proceedings.